About Us

What is HCI?

  • HCI is a private, non-profit agency that works with government and quasi-governmental entities to help residents achieve their housing goals by providing education in housing and financial issues.
  • HCI has structured curricula for first-time home-buyers coveringĀ topics presented on a regular basis in a classroom setting.
  • Our programs can help participants make good housing decisions, gain access to funding resources, learn more about the services available in our area, and increase their chances of housing and financial success.
  • HCI’s Education Programs satisfy the education requirements for many home-buyer programs offered for low and moderate income households.
  • HCI achieves its goals using Volunteer Instructors and a volunteer Board of Directors who are experienced professionals in the housing industry.

How HCI Helps

  • All of HCI’s (Housing & Community Initiatives, Inc.) educational programs are offered at no cost to the participants.
  • In 2007, HCI began offering the MPDU OrientationĀ  seminars on behalf of the DHCA MPDU office.
  • Between 2015 – 2021, HCI educated 16,561 households through the First Time Home Buying education process and 9,248 on the MPDU Orientation process.
  • July 2020 HCI began conducting both First Time Home Buyer and MPDU seminars online.
  • HCI also conducted several one and one Home Buying counseling services to severalĀ homer buyers.

How You Can Help

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HCI in the Community
HCI is an Equal Housing Opportunity (EHO) Service Provider.